July 3, 2015
3 years, 11 months and 16 days since
our celebration.

Dear Cousins,


Now that the 2015 Lowry-Avery Reunion is part of our family history, we would appreciate your going to the website www.Lowry-AveryReunion.com to complete the survey which will enable us to begin planning for 2020! Even if you were unable to attend this year, we hope you will take a minute to answer a few questions specifically intended to gather your input.


While you are on the website, please check out the photo links available to help us remember all the fun experiences we had during the reunion events.The Steering Commitee would like to thank John Hazen Lowry for his contribution of time and talent to the reunion with his fabulous photography!


If you would like additional reunion books or if you have changes, corrections or additions to submit, please email Heddy Brown at heddymb@gmail.com. 


Thanks for participating in the survey so we can make 2020 the best Lowry-Avery Reunion ever!


Fred Faircloth

Reunion Chairman

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